Election debate bingo

Both the major parties will be seeking to recalibrate problematic policy areas and limit any potential damage.
As the old saying goes: the more things change, the more they stay the same.
And, of course, if Labor wins as the polls suggest, we will have had the first change-of-government election since 2013.We're also going to learn some vocabulary related to elections.Activity: Interview a leader and write up the interview for hfr poker your notebook.This is the infamous trick of Liberal strategist Lynton Crosby to change the discourse by throwing the proverbial dead cat on the table.You will have to look some of these up in the dictionary: Make a page for your notebook with the definitions written out for the following terms: amendment, ballot, campaign, candidate, caucus, Constitution, convention, debate, delegate, democracy, Democratic Party, electoral college, electoral votes, executive branch.Write your own inauguration address.Federal elections also entail Senate elections, including, of course, the "unrepresentative swill" of the cross bench.President from 17Define the term, Balance of Power.
George or watch the movie.
Look through newspapers and magazine for: photos of candidates,"s from candidates, poll results, political symbols, political cartoons, news report or editorial about an issue, candidates advertisements, an electoral map, inauguration speech.
For Labor, immigration policy was a potential flashpoint, but the sniff of government will see a range of difficult policy issues neutralised.
Add work as completed.
Print out a blank US map and illustrate a Balance of Power map - use latest election results.
In any case, we can expect to hear the "p word" bandied about as the major parties slug it out for office.It seems near-impossible to have political debate without mentioning two key terms: "Trump" and "Brexit".For instance, the president must be a leader.The Liberal-National Coalition, currently being hammered in the polls and with the Nationals engulfed in scandal, will be desperate to save some electoral "furniture".Week 12: Now it's time to test your knowledge of what you've learned.And Congress for Kids: President.Internet Research on the president's cabinet.Worksheet: If I were President.

You might also want to participate in a Mock Election.
Victoria might well have its own specificities, but the state election delivered a crushing defeat for the Coalition.