Lockout tagout authorized employee training ppt

lockout tagout authorized employee training ppt

Hazardous Energy Sources Energy Description Type Mechanical Relating to springs, rotating parts etc, produced by machine Radiation Energy released from unstable nuclei, nuclear reaction or charged particle acceleration Magnetic Energy stored in magnetic fields, found in capacitors superconducting magnetic storage Gravity Found in machine/equipment parts.
Loto Program Alternate Procedure When loto can not velo reine des neiges geant casino be applied under certain situation like calibration, trouble shooting etc where power has to be kept on, an alternate method should be adopted: Develop list of all activities where loto can not be applied.
Have all hazardous energy sources and disconnect points been located?If stored energy can build up again, monitor it to make certain it stays below hazardous levels.Loto Training, upcoming SlideShare, loading in 5, like this presentation?Loto Program Enforcement Any employee not using loto program Employees tempering the loto lock and Tag Removing the loto program Must be brought to the notice of Plant Manager, EHS Manager and.Training Requirements Frequency Affected Individual Authorized Individual Initial training Required Required Required (must be observed and verified by Initial demonstration Not applicable another authorized employee,.e.Equipment Specific loto procedure Labeling of Energy Isolating Points A/B/C/D/E A- Department B- Room or sub area C- Equipment ID D- Energy source E- loto Point ID o P1/GF, B2 lab/ HAO-1/E/LPS-.
1 Is the visual verification personnel count performed to verify that personnel are clear from equipment/system and any material/tools are removed?
Loto Program Equipment Lock out will be accomplished using a lock and key.
Loto Program Abandoned Lock Procedure Verify authorized employee has left the worksite notify them that their lock is being removed.
Loto Program Removing loto Devices/Restoring Equipment Safeguard all employees by making certain everyone is clear of the equipment.
Loto Program- Shift Changes If servicing lasts more than one shift, loto protection cannot be interrupted.Also notify affected employees of impending re-energization.Contractor has been explained all the steps and loto 5 is applied on First On Last Off basisRemarks: Name Signature of the Authorized person.The tag must be placed at the same location that the lockout device would have been attached, and additional measures must be taken to ensure the level of safety is equivalent to that obtained by using a is includes: blocking of a controlling switch, removal.Train employees who will work on machine Recommended Educational Technology for Student Success Online Course - LinkedIn Learning Teaching with Technology Online Course - LinkedIn Learning loto Training (bahasa version) Danu Jaya Wiguna loto - lock OUT TAG OUT Lany Aprili Sulistiani Materi lock out.