Lotto 649 winning number combinations

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There are no subsidiary prizes on the Guaranteed 1 Million Prize Draw numbers.
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Use the Past Years' Tables to help with the positions.For the fourth number position, numbers 18 to 40 appear most often.Odds of winning in any Guaranteed Prize Draw are one out of the number of Guaranteed Prize Draw selections issued for that draw.The Guaranteed Prize Draw Fund is 7 of sales.Share.5 of the Pools Fund* 1 : 1,033 3 of 6 10* 1 :.7 2 of 6 Bonus 5* 1 :.2 2 of 6 Free Play* 1 :.3 The Main Prize Fund is 40 of sales.Prize, winner(s) 6/6 13,345,152.30 1 WC 5/6 77,799.90 1 BC 2 Ont 5/6.00 see 4/6.00 see 3/6.00 see 2/6.00 see 2/6.00 see Free Play Extra Numbers Wednesday February 27, 2019 Atlantic Tag 236630 Quebec Extra 1007637 Ontario Encore 4663110 Western.Bonus, total w/o Bonus, total with Bonus How To Use Position Tables The Position Frequency Tables can help you decide upon your six number combination(s).The majority of winning combinations start with these numbers.Playing lotto 6/49 by Quick Pick or Selection Slip.Sums of Numbers Drawn Since 1982 sums Number of Winning Numbers Drawn Percent of Total Drawn 21 to 89.70 90 to 99 125.41 100.40 110.41 120.79 130.78 140.77 150.79 160.87 170.75 180.78 190.
Odds of Winning, to win a prize, numbers matched must appear in the same selection (line).
Try to keep your chosen numbers within the highest historical Percentage Wins to improve your chances of winning.
Due to the nature of our products (downloadable data) all sales are final.
The following table shows the percentages that each number was drawn in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and in Bonus positions along with total percentages without bonus and total percentages with bonus.
Results for Consecutive Repeating Number(s) Date Repeating numbers Repeating Number Position Bonus February 27, February 23, February 20, February 16, February 13, Find the Best 2 and the Best 3 Number Combinations.Have a look at the number cohort summary Table, which shows you the most winning ranges.To increase your chances, try and keep within these winning ranges.The Tables provide a visual guide to these positions; however, you want to watch out for chameleon numbers."ALC" means Atlantic Lottery Commission.Please note that the zeroes in front of the Extra Numbers are automatically dropped by the computer.Results For Top 10 w/o Bonus Wednesday February 27, 2019 Top 10 Numbers Freq Number Drawn Results For Top 10 with Bonus Wednesday February 27, 2019 Top 10 Numbers Freq Number Drawn Results For Top 10 w/o Bonus Saturday February 23, 2019 Top 10 Numbers.Lotto 6/49 tickets valid for multiple Free Plays will be printed on more than one ticket. .Disclaimers - All warranties of any kind, expressed or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose, usefulness, accuracy, completeness are disclaimed.Keep your mix to the highest percentage ranges for winning.Ask for a lotto 6/49 Quick Pick or select six numbers from a field of 1 to 49 on the slip. .For instance, most winning number combinations start with numbers ranging from 1.