Poke transfer lab pokemon platinum

The Poke Transfer Lab is a Laboratory located.
Please log in or register to casinofloor 10 euro gratis add a comment.Have Platinum inserted in your second DS and select DS Download play.When you slot driepuntssluiting defect first enter the Poke Transfer Lab, a scientist will ask you if you want to experiment with the system.In order to transfer Pokemon, you need two Nintendo DS Systems.Remember, once the Pokemon are transferred over, you cannot transfer them back!Route 15, and can only be visited after the player completes the main story.If you beat the E4 and the champ the first time it is accessable.Minigame, pokéTransfer, to obtain the Pokémon, a minigame must be played.2 votes, you need 2 DS' to use the Transfer Lab, firstly.Pokémon images names Nintendo/Game Freak.Remember you cannot: - Transfer Pokemon that loto résultats du 31 décembre 2014 know Hidden Moves.On your second DS, on Download Play, select your.If you have then the man will tell you how to set things.So on the DS with W2 go to route 15 and go in the only building in the center of the north side.
Best Answer: Its on either pokemon black or white and to trade you go to the transfer lab (obviously on black or white) and on the other ds you go to ds "download and play".
Do so successfully and the six transferred Pokemon will be in the.
Transfer Pokemon in your party; only Pokemon in your.
Generation 2: Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal.
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He will give you a quick rundown on how everything works.Transferring Pokemon is fairly simple.Not all Pokemon can be transferred: Pokemon cannot hold items, select event Pokemon, pokemon Eggs.Transfer Held items.Talk to the guy in there.Pokémon from their, generation IV games, which include, pokémon Diamond and Pearl, Pokémon Platinum, and, pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, similar.

For those who don't know, Pokemon games are split up into "Generations." There are currently five generations of Pokemon: Generation 1: Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow.
Transferring, in order to transfer the Pokémon requested, two.