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It caught fire, part of the bomb load exploded and all the crew were killed.
In this industry, we often judge people, sometimes unfairly, by asking whether they have paid their dues.And work on 2 Planes the "Buzzin Huzzy" and "the buckeye Battle Cry ".Glad someone else has made the name proud.The main runway started by the Suez to Port Said road end extended to the canal edge.They can contact him at this email address as he will be moving in with me in the near future.Visit my web page listed under links on this web site.107 John Wayne Cancer Foundation edit The John Wayne Cancer Foundation was founded in 1985 in honor of John Wayne, after his family granted the use of his name (and limited funding) for the continued fight against cancer.
Martin School Middle River Mechanic, Crew Chief, Flight Engineer, Chief Inspector 315th.
Richard Turner Date: 12/19/2002 Time: 3:44:51 PM My dad was a B-26A instructor at Barksdale and test pilot at Wright-Patterson.
I once took 2 albums to a reunion only found one person interested.
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Wayne's most enduring image is that of the displaced loner uncomfortable with the very civilization he is helping to establish and his first appearance, we usually sense a very private person with some wound, loss or grievance from the past.Moody past away last March 2001 and would like information on his squadron if possible.Wayne was exempted from service due to his age (34 at the time of Pearl Harbor ) and family status (classified as 3-A family deferment).He was assigned to the 3rd Air Force, 336th Bombardment Group, 478th Bomb Squadron.Retrieved March 25, 2012.In 1944 I recall going by truck from Tunis to setif, Algeria where a number of B26's had been delivered from the.The numbers on the plane were B-26-G1568-6831.I am looking for a full picture of this B-26, can any one out there help.Robert Forcella Date: 5/23/2002 Time: 9:40:23 AM I am looking for any information or photos of my father, Morton.He was in the 386BG,552SQ.Date: 1/22/2002 Time: 12:01:11 AM James L Stalter BombGp: 344th Squadron: 495th Years: 1945 Class: 44-D Location: Altus,.